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Since 1999, we’ve focused solely on the best fishing destinations in Argentina & Chile. You’re in safe hands when you rely on our genuine first-hand knowledge to book your trip.

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  • At Rio Manso, on Fonck and Hess Lakes, I caught many good-sized Rainbows, Browns and Brook Trout along the shore as well as up against the reeds. However, the peak of my lake fishing experience was sight fishing for Rainbows that came from 15 feet away to take my dry fly!
    Bob S.
  • I have to say that it was the best vacation I’ve ever had. The Argentines are incredibly nice people... Rio Manso Lodge, Roberto and the staff were accommodating beyond belief. The food at the lodge was five-star excellent, and I can’t say enough about Fly Fishing Patagonia guide, Martin. Martin was unbelievably accommodating in every way and thanks to his artful skill of teaching, I think I’m now a better fly fisherman.
    Ron L.
  • “Dear Adela & Federico, You always make my stay happy and full of food & fish. Eleven wonderful years of Caridad & Tecka! I Hope for more.  G Wells
    Ken M.
  • The fishing can be absurdly productive and mind-blowing. It can also be extremely challenging. If you're into sight fishing for big Browns and Book Trout on dries, this is your place. You can also rack up sheer numbers of smaller fish.   This was super entertaining and exciting, yet it will also test your skills as an angler — I have never seen any place quite like this.
    Kirk D.
  • ͞We went to Jurassic Lake in early January for 4 days... What a rush! 200+ fish most over 10 lbs and some over 20 lbs with one going over 24 lbs on a dry. Weather was perfect. The fish go wild when the wind is up and it is up all the time. Only one place to stay....the camp right at the Barancuso River. All other places on the lake pale in comparison. Many of my bigger fish were hooked in the river.
    Chris T.
  • Jurassic was great. So many fish it was incredible. The staff, the guides and everything is perfect. I fished every day for 16 hours. My best silver rainbow was 35,5 inches and very very fat. Fishing this creek after hiking the mountains in the canon was very beautiful and where can you catch trout of 10 pounds and more. In a mountain creek! This stream was full of big fish. Another thing was to land such a fish with a 5 weight. This fishing gave the possibility to test equipment to its absolute limits!
    Helmut Z.
  • FFP and the ranch exceeded our expectations! The lodge was our favorite part of the whole trip. We fished mostly dries and sometimes with a dropper. The river is just great and the lodge was spectacular. Your guide, Nico was totally awesome to be with, tons of patients and a great host. The 3 night 4 days float trip was a super experience after our stay at Tres Lagos!!
    Paul D.
  • We had another wonderful week at San Huberto with terrific weather, great fishing, and were treated like royalty by Ronnie and the staff. Your guides, Alex and Nico, are the best guides you can find anywhere on this earth! They are patient, attentive, and excellent teachers. Alex and I tag-teamed another beautiful Brown Trout that looked exactly like the 26-inch Brown we caught two years ago, except 5 inches shorter. I am so fond of this place; I’d like to spend as much time there as possible.
    Jim I.

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