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WING SHOOTING: Argentina - Esquina

Intro & About the Area

P5280379Welcome to beautiful Esquina, Corrientes, home to the finest Argentina duck hunting and Golden Dorado fishing.  Hunters can also enjoy high volume Argentina dove hunting along with decoyed pigeon hunts, Perdiz hunts and big game hunting.  The combination of 2 major rivers, a huge delta (marshland), agriculture and scrub forests makes Esquina, Corrientes an international sportsman’s paradise.  Come see why we choose this wildlife mecca as our northern base of operation.

We invite you to visit our website dedicated exclusively to bird hunting this area: Wing Shooting Argentina.

Fly Fishing Patagonia unites 4-star ranch accommodations and the finest guides in the area. Our two ranches are located outside the small town of Esquina.  From these lodges we hunt multiple farms and ranches and fish for Dorado on the Corriente and Paraná Rivers and the Paraná River Delta.

Esquina is an old fishermen’s town, founded in 1806 by the Spanish.  It was destroyed twice during Argentina’s civil war.  Its final reconstructed in 1846 was aided by the vital Esquina port which was fundamental in trading agricultural products and other goods between remote areas up the Paraná and Corriente River and the capital of Buenos Aires.  It is a place that time forgot and its traditional streets appear much as they did 100 years ago.

Aside from it’s Dorado fishing and duck hunting, Esquina, Argentina is known for the Festival Nacional de Pacu, a fishing competition that brings roughly 25,000 visitors in March.  The town hosts it’s own carnival for one week during the summer, where lavishly dressed women and boys parade the streets dancing and drumming.  The town mainly depends on agriculture, forestry, and tourism.

EDJ Gauchos 1Paraná River Delta
At the town of Esquina, the Paraná is met by the Corriente River and the convergence of the two rivers helps create the Paraná River marshlands, a labyrinth of water channels created by islands of vegetation.  This area is similar to the Florida Everglades and commonly referred to as the “Delta.”  The  Corrientes Province recognized the ecological importance of the area by designating the confluence a biological reserve.

In addition of millions of ducks, the delta hosts many rare species such as the Marsh Deer, capybara, Neotropical River Otter, the Pampas Cat, jaguar, black caiman, and other exotic reptiles, fish and plants.

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