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Wing Shooting Trips in Argentina - Esquina

Welcome to beautiful Esquina, Corrientes, home to the finest Argentina duck hunting and Golden Dorado fishing.  Hunters can also enjoy high volume Argentina dove hunting along with decoyed pigeon hunts, Perdiz hunts and big game hunting.  The combination of 2 major rivers, a huge delta (marshland), agriculture and scrub forests makes Esquina, Corrientes an international sportsman’s […]

Big Game Hunting in Argentina - Esquina

From our hunting ranch in Argentina, we access several large tracks of private property where big game animals come and go unrestrained.   All our free range, big game hunts are either still hunts or spot and stock hunts.   The main big game species we hunt are Water Buffalo, Brocket Deer, Wild Boar and Capybara. Asiatic Water […]

Red Stag Hunting in Argentina - Patagonia

Red Stag Hunting in Patagonia Argentina is certainly on the wish list of every deer and elk hunter.  There is simply no better place for free range Red Stag hunts than in Argentina, not even in New Zealand.  Choosing the right Argentina hunting ranch is challenging, yet we’ve been around these parts for over a […]

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