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TROUT FISHING: Argentina - Wilderness Expeditions

Intro & About the Area

When  asked, what’s the best Argentina  fly fishing trip, we inevitably say it would be our Wilderness Fishing Expeditions, which are overnight fishing trips in Patagonia where we camp on the river, floating some 20-60 miles.  We understand “best” is subjective, but if we had to pick one trip that offered the most time on the water, easier fishing, trophy fish, the least amount of people and one that cost the least, there would be no question. Our Wilderness Fishing Expeditions offer exactly that.  These trips let our anglers see the vastness of wild Patagonia, while experiencing some of the best trout fishing they’ve ever had.  And rest assured, “best” is the word they often use.

We conduct our Argentina fishing expeditions on the Caleufu, Collon Cura, Chimehuín and Aluminé Rivers. Most trips include 4 full days of fishing and 3 nights camping. Much of these environments are in the arid to semi-arid Patagonia steppe, which resembles Oregon’s Deschutes River with its rock walls and desert mountains. These overnight float trips in Patagonia will also offer the best chance to see wildlife such as llama, red deer, wild boar, rhea birds, and possibly puma.  The Andean Condor can also be spotted soaring high in the clouds or perched on a cliff above the river.

Better fishing.  Maximum fishing time.
Each river cuts through huge tracts of private land that restricts access, protects the fishery and ensures a solitary experience.  There is a good chance you’ll have the river to yourself for 4 days. These waters receive minimal fishing pressure which will be evident in the condition of the fish and the intact riparian environment.



Our wilderness fishing trips also offer a better chance at catching a trophy fish which frequently are holdover migratory browns that have yet to return to their lake after spawning.  Most likely they have never seen a fly and you can be there at the opportune time to present it to them which is just before sun rise and just before sunset. Being able to fish every minute of daylight lets you maximize your fishing time in Patagonia; you will never miss a hatch or feel rushed to fish a pool. More importantly, anglers will get about 4 more fishing hours a day than if they had to drive to and from a lodge. Over the course of a week, that’s practically 3 extra days fishing!


Budget friendly
Our Wilderness Fishing Expeditions cost 25% less than the average cost of a lodge making them an ideal trip for serious anglers on a budget.

Deluxe Camping
We provide all camping equipment such as 4 person NorthFace tents with 6ft ceilings.  Inside each tent is a deluxe Therma-Rest mattresses, cots, and spacious sleeping bags.  Anglers will also enjoy a dinning tent and proper, outdoor toilets.  All of this will be carried in our gear raft so that fishing boats have ample space. Our baggage boatman will pass anglers after lunch to ensure camp is set up and refreshments and hors d’oeuvres are waiting upon arrival. In the evening you may fish until dark or relax by the fire while dinner is prepared by our professional chef.  Meals are traditional Argentine cuisine and will comprise of a variety of fresh salads for lunch and dinner every day. Meals we regularly cook are: various asados  with various cuts of beef, sausages and chicken, lamb or goat, Ricotta stuffed Raviolis with two kinds of sauces and chicken al disco with white wine.

We make these Argentina float trips first class and provide the best camping, floating and fishing experience in Patagonia!

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