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TROUT FISHING: Argentina - Santa Cruz,
Jurassic Lake

Jurassic Lake

Jurassic Lake is no exaggeration.  Everything you’ve read and heard about Jurassic Lake’s trophy Rainbow Trout is true –at least at the part of the lake we fish it is.  Jurassic Lake, also known as Lago Strobel, is about 10 miles long and 8 miles wide in a windy, treeless basin in the Santa Cruz province.

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When stories like this starting coming from anglers returning from Jurassic Lake, Lago Strobal… whatever you what to call it,  the news spread like wildfire.  Today it is considered the best place in the world to catch lots of 8-18 pound trophy Rainbow Trout.   But we mean, LOTS!

We went to Jurassic Lake in early January for 4 days… What a rush!  200+ fish most over 10 lbs and some over 20 lbs with one going over 24 lbs on a dry. Weather was perfect. The fish go wild when the wind is up and it is up all the time. Only one place to stay….the camp right at the Barancuso River.  All other places on the lake pale in comparison. Many of my bigger fish were hooked in the river.”
The Rainbow Trout were planted in Jurassic Lake 20 years ago and are thought to be a strain of Rainbows from the McCloud River in California.  Jurassic Lake has an incredible amount of protein-rich scuds, which allow these fish to grow to epic sizes, like 25-30 pounds!  With it’s abundance of food, well oxygenated water and remote location, it’s the perfect environment for ridiculously huge and incredibly strong trout that seems to have no limit to their size. Bring 7-8 wt rods, 20 lb test leaders, strong hooks, big streamers and yes, Dry Flies!

The fishing is all wading the shores of Jurassic Lake, sight casting to cruising Rainbow Trout, or blind casting to the gradual drop offs.  You could have dry feet or be stabilizing yourself against constant waves.  Either way, you’ll be hooking into rainbows averaging 10 pounds at a rate that will quickly tire the heartiest anglers.  Some of them will be 15-20 pounds or more and you should see others you’d swear are close to 30 pounds.  Jurassic Lake is….Jurassic!

Another interesting phenomenon about Jurassic Lake is that the high population of huge Rainbow Trout is not spread out evenly across the lake.  The majorities of these fish are located at or near the bay where the Barancuso River enters the lake.  The catch ratio between the other bays and the Barancuso Bay is roughly 1:15.  The only legal way to fish the private shore line of this outlet bay is by being a guest at our lodge, the the River Camp.

You have come all this way, so for God’s sake, fish the best spot!



Barancuso River
The Barancuso River is the only river entering Lago Strobel.  This shallow, rocky creek is sometimes only 15 feet wide, so hooking into one of these 10-15 pound bruisers is the epitome of extreme trout fishing.  Normally it only has water from October till early January.  However, whenever the river has enough water to support fish, either due to spring run off or precipitation, these Rainbows will run up and spawn.  It is suggested that the abundant food source has spurred these fish to be year round spawners.  The majority of fish are located in the lower sections of the river along private property that is controlled by the River Camp.  No other anglers are legally allowed to fish this section.


Peak season on Jurassic Lake is Nov- early January and from March 15 until end of April. During this time, anglers who put in the time could land as many as 75 fish a day.     During these low season or mid summer months, many of the fish move out to the deeper water and anglers may catch 15-25 fish per day.  During the summer, the wind sometimes pushes colder water to the bay resulting in peak season like fishing.   For most trout anglers, the worst day at Jurassic Lake will be the best fishing day of their lives.

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