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SEA RUN BROWN: Argentina - Tierra del Fuego

Intro & About the Area

Rio Grande, Argentina and Tierra del Fuego.  Just the names conjure up visions of ocean fed Sea Run Brown Trout held in the hands of victorious anglers in a far away land burnt by wind and sun.  With high daily catch rates of fish averaging 10-13lbs and strong returns every year, experienced anglers know that Sea Run Brown trout fishing on the Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina is superior to any other anadromous Brown Trout river in the world.  Couple this fishery with some of the finest lodges in Argentina and Tierra del Fuego becomes the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.


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Tierra del Fuego
The island of Tierra del Fuego is the southern most province of Argentina and South America. With subpolar climates, the province is battered by strong oceanic winds and constant cool – cold temperatures.  Only 30% of the province has forests and the rest is tundra, steppe, glacier and rock.  The glaciers and snow capped Andes Mountains which run west and east in Tierra de Fuego contribute to the harshness of the region, but also distribute water to the dry, wind swept lands below.  Native animals that inhabit the island are sea lions, condors, foxes, guanacos, hummingbirds, and owls.

0006Rio Grande City
The city of Rio Grande is not much to behold, even though it is the industrial capital of the world’s most southern province. Located on the east coast of the big island of Tierra del Fuego, Rio Grande has a population of about 70,000.  The city was founded in 1921 and established as a result of an influx of ranchers.  The productive land was then owned by only a few families, before 1925 when the Argentina Government forced the division of large private ranches through agrarian reform.

Today, the population of Rio Grande grows due to favorable wages and tax exemptions.

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