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BOOKING & TRAVEL: Group Leaders

Fly Fishing Patagonia has helped hundreds of group leaders arrange fishing trips in Argentina with their friends. We’ve also held that position ourselves a number of times to many foreign lands so we know that without the proper guidance, being the trip leader can be stressful and time consuming.  Everyone is counting on you to research the best location, outfitter, time of year, gear, ect. and for all of it to be just like they expect.   Well, that’s where we come in. We make your job easy and efficient and provide you with:

One Stop Shopping – Wading through the countless Argentina fishing websites can be daunting.  We’ve been outfitting in Argentina for over 13 years and offer a variety of trips, destinations and lodges, so there’s a good chance we’ll have the skinny on whatever you’re looking for.  When you call us we will quickly pinpoint the best trip options for your group.

Honest Recommendation –  The itineraries we suggest are based strictly on your criteria.  It makes little difference to us which lodge or river you choose, so you can count on the information we give you to be accurate and honest.

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Comprehensive pre-trip information – Upon booking you’ll have all the information you need including lodge telephone numbers, emergency telephone numbers, fly lists specific to the waters you’ll fish, gear lists, travel info and information on moneys, tipping, food etc.

Responding to questions – If your member’s questions are flooding your inbox, forward them to us and we’ll respond to the whole group.  If they know they can easy speak with us, they’ll be less likely to bombard you with questions.

24/7 Assistance – Someone will be available to take your call at any time, on any day.

We will be there the moment you deplane in Argentina.  From then on it’s time for you to relax and concentrate on fishing.  We’ll make sure people come to us for answers and not you.

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