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GOLDEN DORADO: Argentina - Esquina

Intro & About the Area

Arg dorado vert 2a 300 dpiWelcome to Esquina, Corrientes, home to some of the finest Golden Dorado fishing waters in Argentina.  At the town of Esquina, the mighty Paraná River is met by the Corriente River and the convergence of the two rivers lies the Paraná River Delta, a labyrinth of water channels created by islands of vegetation.

While staying on private 4-star ranches our guests will enjoy Golden Dorado fishing on the Corriente and Paraná Rivers and the Paraná River Delta.  Guests will also have the opportunity for high volume Argentina dove and pigeon hunting, year round.

Esquina is an old fishermen’s town, founded in 1806 by the Spanish.  It was destroyed twice during Argentina’s civil war.  Its final reconstruction in 1846, was aided by the vital port of Esquina, which was fundamental in trading agricultural products and other goods between remote areas up river and the capital of Buenos Aires.  It is a place that time forgot and its traditional streets appear much as they did 100 years ago.


Pictd3Today Esquina is known for the Festival Nacional de Pacu, a fishing competition that brings roughly 25,000 visitors in March.  In January and February, the town hosts it’s own carnival, where lavishly dress women and boys parade the streets dancing and drumming.

The town depends on agriculture, forestry, and tourism.

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