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TROUT FISHING: Chile - Puelo

Intro & About the Area

Stan in ChileFly Fishing Patagonia offers the perfect Chile fly fishing lodge to make it easy for our guests to fish both Chile and Argentina in the same trip.  No additional flights required, just a beautiful drive across the Andes.

While in Chile trout fishing, you will see breathtaking waterfalls, ancient old growth rainforests and hidden crystal clear trout rivers.  You’ll also be amazed at how readily these Chilean residents take big dries.

Chile is known for its natural resources and beauty.  Chile itself recognized this in the 1920’s when it implemented one of the finest national park systems in the world.  Foreign visitors come to fish and hike in the rainforest of the coastal Lake District and mountain climb in the Torres del Paine National Park.  The country itself is about 4000 kilometers long with the northern portions being arid and the southern to mid portions containing 2000-4000 year old rainforests.  Chile contains roughly 10% of the world’s active volcanoes.

In the 16th century Spaniards arrived in Chile and found indigenous populations reaching in the millions.  Today the majority of the indigenous people includes the Mapuche, Aymara, Atacmenos and the Rapa Nui. These indigenous cultures make up only 7% of Chile’s 14 million inhabitants.  Most Chileans have ancestors with indigenous and European blood.

Find out how easy it is to fly fish Chile and then hope over the Andes to fish the best tout waters of Argentina!

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