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Fly Fishing Patagonia guides are bilingual, licensed professionals that intimately know all rivers you’ll be fishing.  Some have international experience; some are on pro-staffs and some consistently win angling tournaments and all have the full support of companies like Sage, Redington, Rio and Simms.  Our Patagonia fishing guides have an invested interest in every client’s success.  Whether you ask to fish till dark or return to yesterdays river, they will always answer with a smile and say “No problem”.  Perhaps most importantly, they are all-around great guys whom you’ll laugh and joke with from day one.  Inevitably, you’ll leave Argentina with a connection to a country that feels more like a friend.


Nicolas Repossini (Nico)

We first met Nico in the early days of Fly Fishing Patagonia when we used to take our guests to the Hess Lodge.  (The Hess Lodge was sold, renovated and is now called Rio Manso Lodge.) As a teenager, Nico was the head guide for Hess Lodge.  At that time he could not speak English, but he knew the waters of the Manso River and Fonck and Hess Lakes like the back of his hand.  The 2014-2015 season will mark is 11th season will FFP!  Nico is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet in Argentina and one of the reasons for our our repeat clientele.



Oscar Dono – (Oky)

Oscar is a co-founder and co-owner and of Fly Fishing Patagonia.  His organizational skills and level of professionalism assure our international guests they have made the right choice with Fly Fishing Patagonia.  Oscar grew up in Buenos Aires where he spent the weekends with his father fishing for Golden Dorado on the Corriente River.  As a teenager, he traveled several times to fish in Patagonia.  In the early 90’s he had a fishing shop in Buenos Aires but gave it up in 1993 to be a guide and live in Patagonia.  Oscar has worked in Italy, Mexico, British Columbia and fished in Cuba, Colorado, New York, Florida, Chile and Venezuela.  His ability to catch fish is uncanny and his guiding skills are simply unbeatable.  His lightheartedness can brighten the gloomiest fishing day with a laid back smile and a “No problem” attitude.  Oscar travels within Argentina quite a bit, overseeing our Patagonia trout fishing operation as well as our Golden Dorado and wing shooting operations in Corrientes.


Alejandro PlazaAlejandro Plaza (Alex)

Alex is from Buenos Aires but has lived in Bariloche since 1999 and this 2014-2015 season will mark is 13th season will FFP!   After his first year guiding he showed exceptional leadership and guiding skills. All our guests comment on his warm hospitality and rate him as one of the best guides they have ever had. Alejandro is bilingual, a musician, a computer wiz and also a previous successful business owner. He is a valuable asset to Fly Fishing Patagonia.




Martín Ferreyra

After Martin’s stellar performance guiding his first season with FFP, we welcomed him full time starting November, 2012. Now 38, Martin began fishing when he was 7, but ever since he started fly fishing at the age of 15, he never returned to a spinning rod. His favorite fishing is on Fonck Lake in December during dragon fly hatch. He calls it “gulp fishing.”

After spending 8 years in Spain, Martin returned to Patagonia and worked 5 years at Estancia Alicura guiding the Caleufu, Collon Cura, and Limay Rivers. Martin is an avid fly tier and has a funny habit of naming his flies after clients with whom he had a great time with (a clever way of remember them, really.)  Our anglers have a great time on the water with Martin. They are constantly telling us stories and singing his praises, saying, “Great guy, awesome guide.”

When Martin first picked up a fly rod, he also became interested in photography.  In November 2012, Martin had his second photo exhibit in Bariloche.  He shoots a Nikon D40, lenses 18-55 y 70-300.  During the winter months, Martin works at the Bariloche ski resort much like our guides Alex, Nico and Adrian.

Martin is the brother of our ever so valuable and beloved office manager, Maluly Ferreyra.

Adrián Nogueira

Adrian joined FFP in 2008, filling a much needed position of warehouse manager.  He manages all gear for our multi-day float trips, from tents to sleeping bags to stoves to tools to boats and makes sure all is in working order and ready for the next trip.  He also rows the gear boat for our multi-day float trips, sets up and breaks down camp every day and also helps with the cooking.  Adrian’s attention to detail and organizational skills have helped us implement systems to make everyone’s job easier and operations more efficient.  For the past 16 years, Adrian has been a ski instructor during the winter in Bariloche.  Adrian lives with his wife, Maluly and 2 daughters in Bariloche.


Maluly Ferreyra Nogueira  (Malu)

After several years working the check-in counters for several Argentina airlines, Maluly began working for us managing our office in Argentina.  Since 2006, she has handled our accounting, payroll, weekly schedules and reservations of all kinds.  She is also in charge of buying all the food for our multi-day float trips.  She is behind the scenes making sure all gets done, from the critical to the nitty gritty. Maluly, her husband Adrian along with their two daughters and huge yellow lab, Blake live in Bariloche.


Justi CampaJustiniano Campa  (Justi)

Justi is also a co-founder and co-owner of Fly Fishing Patagonia. His guiding experience expands 10 years in various parts of the US and Argentina. With his Spanish/American background he serves his company well with a deep understanding of Spanish and Latin cultures as well as being acutely aware of his American guest’s sensitivities. He moves back and forth from Argentina and the United States answering the needs of future and previous guests.  Justi manages our sales office in Virginia and can be reached at: jcampa@flyfishingpatagonia.com and at 1.888.486.8972 or 434.249.1783.


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