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WHY CHOOSE US: Testimonials

A brief note of thank you for organizing our fishing trip at the Delta Vista Lodge last week.  The car pickups, domestic flights and transfers went like clockwork.  The best that I have experienced. The lodge  hosts  were very friendly and accommodating. The lodge was rustic and beautiful.  The food very good. Our guides (Nacho and Matisse) were also very friendly and hard working. The fishing was slow but steady at first (Dorado, huge Piranha, Surubi) until our third day when it went hot with more and bigger fish. Thank you once again!
Robert M.  3/2017


The wilderness float trip was awesome.  Martin, Lucas and Adrian did a great job of taking care of us.  The accommodations and service were beyond what we had envisioned.  Really nice to float 3 days and not see any sign of civilization.  The food was amazing; steak, pizza, lasagna.  Great presentation.  Your guys went above and beyond.
Dave L.  3/2017


estancia despedida lodge 20173We had a great time at Despedida Lodge!  Thank you!   Between the two of us, we hooked 71 and landed 25 with plenty of big fish including a few 20 pounders.  Of course the results might have been even better if we’d enjoyed more settled conditions but you can’t book the weather!
John P.  2/2017


Hey Martin!
Just wanted to say we had a excellent time! You are a great guide and very hospitable. We really appreciated your service!
Thanks Justi! We had an awesome time!  First class service all the way. I was very impressed and will recommend you guys whenever I can. Your guides are the best and very dedicated.  I will book the three day camping trip next time I come for sure!
Stacy and Philip, R. 1/2017


Dear Oscar,
Thank you! We really love and enjoy spending time with your team, and you whenever you can but we  know you are very busy so no worries on not being available during our last visit – WE WILL BE BACK!!!  All of FFP has been so kind to us and has gone out of their way to insure our trips are memorable.  For that we will be forever grateful.
Steve and Linda, P.  1/2017


The fishing experience was amazing. The guides and crew were first class, amazing people, fun, informative and professional. Martin especially took great care of us pre and post the fishing! We had a great time and thank for all of your flexibility up to the time we got there. I would highly recommend the trip to anyone. Thank you for everything!
Byron H.  12/2016


I have done three trips with Justi and the FFP group. Great guides who take care of you from the moment you arrive through to departure. Each time they have nailed it for us. I WILL use them again, likely in 2018 as I tend to go every second year.
The first trip was a 21 day, 3 location trip starting in San Huberto and then on a Wilderness Fishing Expedition float trip for 4 days.  San Huberto is a lovely Lodge with The Malleo river as the real drawing card. I dream of going back and will. Mainly wading with LOTS of ‘bows and Browns. Can be windy. Great sight fishing.
The float trip was great. GLAMPING at its best!  We fished primarily from boats. “bows, browns and perch.
We also went to Tipiliuke on both trips. Also a great lodge but I prefer the  Malleo.
We take their advice as for where to fish as it depends on timing.
Third trip was to another lodge on a lake. Went late in the season and likely wouldn’t go back as I prefer the rivers but I was fishing with my daughter who prefers lakes.
Rick, K.  Multiple Trips

Jurassic Lake met and exceeded all expectations!  Not just the fishing,  all cultural, wine,  steak,  etc of Argentina as well.
A defining moment in the life of an angler…..
Phil L.  11/2016


Everything was great!  The Golden Dorado fishing exceptional with good guides from your company. The lodge in Corrientes was beautiful with good service. All around great organization.  It made us think about our next visit to Patagonia for trout fishing with your company.  Thank you!
Denis M. 5/2016


I wanted to thank you for helping to set up our fabulous trip to Bariloche!  Everything ran like clock work!  The transfers were perfect, the guys loved the fishing.  They both agree the guide was the best they have ever worked with. I think I told you that this trip was my son’s graduation present…his dream trip.  I asked him to rate it on a scale of 1-10, and it got a 9.5…only because the 10 lb fish he caught, jumped out of the water, and broke the line.  So he didn’t land him.  Otherwise, the trip would have been a perfect 10.
My daughter and I took a fantastic horseback trip with Carol Jones.  I can’t give her a high enough recommendation!  It was amazing, watching the red deer battle it out, and hearing them bugle/moo.  We also saw an Andean Condor soaring, and a Pudu that was flushed out of the bushes by a dog.
Thank you again!
Chris G. 3/2015


I wanted to write you and tell you how much Heather and I appreciate everything you and the rest of the staff at Fly Fishing Patagonia did to make our vacation/honeymoon the trip of a lifetime. Every single step of it and every single person we dealt with was top-notch, and we couldn’t have been more impressed.
Nicolas and Martin were fantastic guides. They were professional, friendly, smart, knowledgeable, great teachers and very enjoyable to spend time around. With both of them, I really felt like I was fishing with a friend on the oars rather than “just a guide.” Likewise, the staff at the camp, the drivers and even the staff at our hotel in Bariloche were second to none.
Heather and I still spend way too much time flipping through our photos and talking about the trip, even if it’s just to each other. From the food, to the scenery, to the people, to the fishing — I feel like I still have to pinch myself to make sure I really experienced all of that.
Needless to say, you’ve got a set of future return customers in us. Thanks again.
Brandon H. 1/2015


Argentina Dove huntingI told Osar I would be sure and write you about our dove hunt.  It was terrific!!  Oscar, Ernesto, the lodge staff were all exceptional.  The whole hunting experience was so much fun.  The flexibility may have been the very best part.  We shot doves two days, and the third day we were able to fish for Golden Dorado.  They hit like linebackers and fight like Muhammad Ali!  The food and service at the lodge and in the field were first rate.

Ralph and I both feel the same way.  If there is anything I can do to help your dove hunting or dorado fishing in the way of a testimonial, or, reference for other hunters, do not hesitate to ask.  This is coming from a guy who hunted doves in Cordoba two years ago!  I had more fun and a better hunt with you.
Steven J. R. 3/2015


Argentina Stag Hunting

 It was an awesome hunt at the QQT!  Here is my trophy stag,  I’ll send a few others with my management bull. We hunted hard and I took two great bulls. I hunted with Cacho as my guide. We also saw many puma tracks but never quite found one. Also went for boar but only found females with young.     All was great at QQT!  Flyfishing was great as well!
Martin H.  3/2015





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAExcellent!  Thanks Alex!  We had a wonderful trip and really enjoyed getting to know you.  The fishing was fantastic! Heather and Healy and I had a fabulous time at Tipiliuke. The accommodations in the lodge were very comfortable, the food delicious, the fishing excellent, and the horseback riding was great fun.  Thank you for your hospitality, and please send our warmest regards to Adrianna and Maria Jose.  Y’all do an excellent job operating Tipiliuke, and it truly is one of the special destinations of the world.  Our only regret is that our two college aged sons had to leave Argentina and return to the States before we ventured to Tipiliuke.  We want to return!

Thank you FFP, for all that you did to make our trip so special and memorable. Everything was perfect.  I look forward to fishing with Fly Fishing Patagonia again. Will V.  3/2015

I’ve done four trips with Fly Fishing Patagonia since 2006 and all three times they have been the benchmark and the hallmark for great trout fishing, terrific guides, unbelievable weather and scenery and a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime experience that we’ve had the pleasure of doing 4 out of the last 8 years!.  Oscar, Justi and the entire team know how to fish, how to cook and how to take care of your every need.  Whether it be an expedition, floating down one of the beautiful Patagonia rivers, or a lodge trip punctuated with river floats, river wades and lake fishing – you cannot go wrong with Fly-Fishing Patagonia.  A 5 star experience for those who want some adventure fishing!  We can’t wait for our next trip.  Rob B. – Denver, CO – 10/2014

I second everything dad said below. Amazing trip, amazing food, spring creek is beautiful, and Nico was a very competent guide. Actually Nico was beyond competent and professional and we could not have asked for better. Also thank you, Justi, for facilitating all of this and helping my somewhat last minute plans.  Ian C., 2/14

We had a wonderful time and we’re grateful for your guidance.  I fish in a similar lodge in Main, but I’m quick to concede that the Andes and those pure rivers win in comparison. This may well have been the first time in my life I didn’t bother to count how many fish I’d caught that day.  You know, of course, about the browns and rainbows at Spring Creek, but I must comment on how comfortable the Lodge accommodations were, especially the food (although we seldom could finish those generous portions). And there was the border collie “Humpy” waiting on the lawn for us to throw sticks for her.

Best of all, your guide Nico was beyond perfection: an exquisite fly fisherman himself, he was infinitely helpful with suggestions, with immediate aid for tangles and fly changes, etc., etc., etc. I still marvel how anyone as accomplished as he is as a fisherman could summon the patience to stand by watching two — shall we say, “less than accomplished” fly casters.  On top of all his guiding perfection, he was as pleasant a companion as one could wish. Wow.
In short: it just doesn’t get any better.  Many thanks. Marshall C., 2/14


Flick's Big BrownWell we made it home and are doing our best to get back into the daily routine after one of finest adventures of a lifetime.  I just wanted to take a few moments to say thank you for everything.  You and your team – a team that seems to have included the entire town of Bariloche – exceeded my expectations on all levels.  Carly and I not only have memories, photos and experiences that will stay with us forever; we have a new set of friends that we cherish deeply.  We will see you again!  Ed F. 2/2014


We had a blast!
Fishing in Jurassic and Las Buitreras was unreal. Guides were professional and helpful. Accommodations were great. Chefs were a big surprise.  The best!   Our BA tour was great  Flo did a wonderful job. Best steak ever! Wine tasting also was fun and informative.  I cannot speak for all but I was impressed with it all. Keep on doing what you do! Thanks for the memories. Greg S. 2/2014


I hope all is well with you.  Everything is certainly well with those of us (Barry, Bret, Mitch, and myself) who recently traveled to Junin and spent a wonderful week at San Huberto. We had terrific weather, great fishing, and were treated like royalty by Ronnie and the staff at San Huberto.  Your guides, Alex and Nico are the best guides you can find anywhere on this earth.  They are patient, attentive, and excellent teachers  In addition, they are just great people to spend time with.  If there is a way to clone them for your team, you should. Alex has a few pictures of some of the better fish caught.  He and I tag-teamed another beautiful brown trout that looked exactly like the trophy fish we caught two years ago, except 5 inches shorter.  The resemblance between the two fish is amazing.  There must be a clone of browns in the Rio Malleo that have these particular characteristic. Thanks for making this happen — again.  I am so fond of this place, I’d like to spend as much time there as possible.  I definitely plan to spend a week there in December (this year) fishing dry flies.  J. Icken, 2/2014


I am currently in the Buenos Aires airport on my way back to the US tonight. Wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a great time I had this week at San Huberto. The fishing, lodge and people were all top notch. FFP guides Alex and Nico are really great guys and guides. The staff at San Huberto run a first-class operation and are enjoyable to be around. Bret, Jim, Mitch and I agreed it was one the best trips we’ve taken.  Barry H. 2/2014 


Paul Sea Run Brown ArgentinaThis has been the best fishing trip of our lives. Everything has been superb.  Attached a photo of one fish this morning from Paul’s Pool.
Paul C. Jan, 2014


I’m back home from my trip to Argentina and stay at Rio Manso Lodge. I have to say that it was the best vacation I’ve ever had.  The Argentines are incredibly nice people…Patagonia is spectacularly beautiful…Rio Manso Lodge, Roberto, and the staff were accommodating beyond belief….The food at the lodge was five star excellent…And I can’t say enough about Fly Fishing Patagonia Guide, Martin.  The weather was a little warm, which hindered our catch, but thanks to him we still found trout and I managed to catch every one that the area has to offer (Rainbow, Brown, Brook, and Salmon!!)  Martin was unbelievably accommodating in every way and thanks to his artful skill of teaching, I think I’m now a better fly fisherman.  I will always remember his words…”Up and shoot again my friend.” And if I ever return, I will insist that Martin be my guide and my friend once again.  Whatever you’re paying him is not enough.  

Thank you so much for such an unforgettable experience….Ron L., 2013

Today is sadly our last day at Las Buitreras, fishing the mighty Rio Gallegos river for sea run brown trout. Our tri-nations team (a NZ, a South African and Australian) has had an unbelievable week here, following a stellar week at Lago Strobel ( aka Jurassic Lake). Everything we have read and heard about both of these places is completely true. In fact, its better. This has been our fist time to fish in Argentina and THE trip of a lifetime.
The Fishing
Jurassic Lake – its a mission even getting to this remote corner of Patagonia and as expected there is lots of wind and lots of fast furious and massive rainbow trout. We fished hard at times, relaxed at others and didn’t keep count but easily caught hundreds of fish…..each. Biggest fish 21 lb (two of), many over 15lb, average probably 8lb. Jurassic is the the place to go to cure any big fish lust.
Rio Gallegos – In a word: Heaven! Good water levels, stable weather (even warm) and a fresh run of fish saw us time our trip perfectly. That said, this is challenging fishing and sea run trout are notoriously unpredictable…just when you think you have cracked the code, the next day is like fishing an entirely new river. Nervous about double handed rods (none of us have used them before), the amazing guides had us casting them and catching fish within a morning. Others successfully managed single handed rods but a double is definitely an advantage. The tri-nations team caught over 30 silver chromed beauties, with 80+ fish landed (and released) by 8 anglers during the week. Plus many pretty resident brown trout as welcome by-catch. Biggest fish 23lb with two others over 20lb and numerous well in excess of 10lb. These are the best looking fish ever and they fight like hell!
The People – The legenndary guides, camp/lodge staff and friendly fellow angling guests (many of whom visit Las Buitreras year after year) add so much to the experience. One story sums it all up: on my first day at Las Buitreras, a thoughtful guide handed me a radio when I chose to fish during the siesta break (we typically fish over 11 hours per day with a siesta in the middle). He showed me where to fish, instructing me to call him if I hook a fish. As it turned out, I radioed him within the hour and two minutes later, he bounded over the fence and launched himself into the river, waders barely on, just in time to net my 15lb crome hen. He still had bed hair! All that after teaching me how to use the double hander just an hour beforehand!  Now thats what I call going above and beyond!  Josh, N. 2013
Have made it home, We all had a Fantastic trip and will remember this for the rest of our lives, Demetri and I are already planning another trip, maybe Cuba?
Jurassic was mind blowing with easy and lots of fish would recommend people do it once in there lives. I would definitely return to the Rio Gallegos and Las Buitreras lodge the Food, Lodgings, staff were amazing the fishing was a welcome challenge and by the end of the week we all walked away with personal bests, but have unfinished business!
I already have posted some pictures on FB and have had a lot of kiwis wanting info on my trip, so I might look into maybe hosting another trip there.
Thank you and your crew for everything you guys have done to make this trip possible, if you ever want to come to New Zealand you will be looked after, I now have thousands of photos and video footage to go thru. Keep in touch.  Paul, M. 2013

Both guides were there to meet us on time, and both did an excellent job. My wife and I especially enjoyed Martín Ferreyra who was our guide at Rio Manso Lodge. Beth and I are both very avid photographers, so we had much to talk about. He was also a very congenial companion, and was quite knowledgeable about the birds and plants – much appreciated by Beth. He was also an excellent guide and boatman, and even taught me a thing or two about casting sinking lines, which I have used only once or twice before.
The fishing on the lakes near Rio Manso was excellent; I averaged about six fish per day over 18 inches. There were some slow periods, of course, but I really enjoyed catching big trout on big attractor flies each day.  Jim T., Jan 2013

I would say the beauty that surrounded us while fishing was what I will remember for ever.  A number of times I would stop fishing and look around take in the view, realize the beauty of the surrounding area and think to myself “Wow, I can’t believe I”m here. “  Brent K., Dec 2012

This was the most outstanding fly fishing adventure I have ever undertaken.  You guys are the best!!  Dwight J.,  Dec, 2012 


I am on the way back. Sitting in the lounge in the airport.  Jurassic was great, thanks to you and FFP. 
So many fish it was incredible.  Almost too many.  I caught this week hundreds of personal records.  The staff, the guides and everything is perfect.  I fished every day for 16 hours. My best silver rainbow was 35,5 inches and very very fat.
The best flies were absolutely the glo bug (egg pattern) in fluro orange, size 5mm,  but I found it boring to use only glo bugs.  They worked best in the spawning areas in the Barrancuso River where fish are tired and colored and stacked in the pools.   I much preferred to fish with streamers in Jurassic Lake and with this method I got the bigger and the real silver fish.  But it was nice to fish with nymphs and dry flies in the Barancuso River.  Fishing this creek after hiking the mountains in the canon was very beautiful and where can you catch trout of 10 pounds and more.  In a mountain creek!  This stream was full of big fish. And to see the attack of such a big fish in that small stream was very exiting.  Another thing was to land such a fish with a 5 weight. With time, I figured out how to effectively do this.  This fishing gave the possibility to test equipment to its absolute limits!
I am coming next year again for sure.  Thank you!  Helmut Z. Nov 2012


I just wanted to say thanks for organizing my wonderful trip to Patagonia.  I spoke to a number of flyfisherman at EZE who were returning home from Patagonia.  I can assure you that none of those to whom it spoke had the quality trip that I had.  My trip was done in such a professional manner with real attention to detail.   Alex was the best.  Thanks for allowing me to spend my entire trip with him.  He’s such a calm person and such a great teacher.  He taught me many fly casting and fly fishing skills that I will be able to use forever.  If you communicate with him, tell him I said, “Hup!” — he’ll laugh.
I really enjoyed both San Huberto and Spring Creek Lodge.  The accomodations, the cuisine, and the hospitality at both were outstanding.  I really enjoyed Ronnie, Carmen, and Frankie.  All special in their individual ways.
Also the Via Bariloche bus trip was terrific.  First class accomodations, adequate food and service, and great scenery.  I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see a bit more of Argentina.
Again, thanks so much for the trip of a lifetime.  If there’s anything more I can do to help you out with promotion of your business, etc., don’t hesitate to call on me.  
Muchas gracias!  J. Icken, Mar 2012

The entire trip was outstanding. The fishing was fantastic, the accommodations were superb, staff were fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing Patagonia and seeing the new lands we explored.  I had an amazing time and cannot wait to come back again.
E. Steinberg, Feb 2012

Thanks to your group for a fantastic time that I will remember for the rest of my life!  Alex, Martin and Nico were great to have on the boats with us all day long. Their expertise, knowledge of the rivers and flies were fantastic. Their personalities however are what really tied the experience together to make it a fun, exciting experience. Their willingness to impart their knowledge on casting, knot tying, fish locating, etc. are all things that I will carry with me the rest of my fly fishing days.
S. Metz, Feb 2012

Justi –  just back yesterday from our trip through Chile and Argentina, want to express to you that everyone and everything related to Flyfishing Patagonia, far exceeded both Mark and my expectations. Oscar, yourself, Nicholis, Alex, Adrian, Martin, the driver in Bariloche, the Chilean staff at Posado Puello, guides Erwin, and Nano, the cooks Ermana and Mariana are all first class and an asset to your company. I will be more than happy if you need any references in the future and hope to someday return.  I want to talk with you about creating more business  at least from the Seattle area, I talked with Oscar about creating more opportunities for you, i feel that strongly about your company. Thank you very much.
 P. Spiess, Jan 2012

Just want to say what a pleasure it is to work with you. It is very apparent to me that you are most interested in arranging a trip that is something we will long remember, and enjoy!  I really appreciate that.  Thanks very much!
Melton, 2012 

 I too had a fantastic time.  Alex and Martin are top notch, as was everyone else we met in your organization. It is an absolute first class company.  Cannot say enough good things about my week in Patagonia.  I’ll most definitely be back for another trip with Fly Fishing Patagonia.
B. Henderson, Dec 2011

Back in Oz now but just wanted to write and thank you for an excellent trip. The guides were great and very accommodating to our needs, especially Alex who is a real asset to your business.  FFP is a very professional yet wonderfully fun and relaxed operation. I will be sure to recommend you to all my fishing friends.  Again thank you for a wonderful experience, I hope to return one day for late season dry fly fishing. Kind regards,
J. Chatto, Dec 2011 

 Just a short note to thank you for the trip you planned for us, we had just about every experience possible, from fishing with streamers, nymphs and dry flies to fishing on big and small rivers and lakes.  Our trip was perfect for us as we had a measure of flexibility, we would not change anything. It gave us a nice overview of experiences available in Argentina.   Your guides Niko and Alex were excellent and went out of their way to make our trip an amazing success.  We had more fun than should be allowed and we will recommend your outfit to our friends. I attached a photo of our biggest fish.  Thanks again for a wonderful experience and memories!
G. Hattingh, Nov 2011 

WOW!  What a team you have put together for an outstanding experience for your clients!  The whole experience from our original contact to final delivery to the airport has been stellar and exemplary.  Our guide, Ale, is an outstanding man and consummate professional fisherman, patient guide and exhibits such depth of care for his clients. Thank you for the opportunity to meet and be associated with a man of his caliber for the week in Patagonia.  The lodge experience was wonderful, as all needs and wants anticipated and met.  What a fantastic experience; thank you for helping to make some of the fishing dreams of a kid come true. I think I about have my wife convinced that we can put off house remodeling again to go fishing.   I look forward to our return and will do two fishing stints with time in between for regional visits.
F. McGwier, Mar 2011

We very much enjoyed fishing with you guys, and thank you very much for hosting my father and I.  We had an incredible time hanging out with you and Oscar, not to mention the dove hunting and dorado fishing.  I have already spoken to Jim about how nice of an operation you guys run, and how strongly I will be recommending you guys to our clients.  My father had an exception time with you guys and wanted to extend the invitation to Jackson anytime you are in the area. I will be in the Bozeman office early next week, and will be sending you out an email with some good photos.  I hope your trip down south went well, please say hello to Oscar for me, thanks for the pics, and my father says hello to both of you.  Talk to you soon.
J. Hudgens, Apr 2011


The arrangements you made for us were just amazing. Oscar was amazing, Diego and Angles, were tremendous at estancia, Don Joaquin, culturally, sporting wise, everything. Great!
M. Stepanian, Jan 2011

We are still in esquina.   We leave first thing in the morning.  It has been unreal.  Oscar is so gracious, patient and cool.  We have slaughtered the dorado.
Probably caught 200 today.  Every cast almost.   Really excellent even with our shity casting.

A. Stepanian, Jan 2011

IMG_0069  Oscar and Justiniano,
First, I want you to know how grateful I am for the opportunity to fish Argentina and Patagonia!  Many fishermen go thru life dreaming of a “Fishing Expedition” like the one we experienced last month.  Thank you for giving us this opportunity.
M. Pepper, Mar, 2010

Fly Fishing Patagonia and Project Healing Waters teamed up with our sponsors to provide this trip of a lifetime.  The rivers were crisp and clean and the fish exceeded any expectations I had. The efforts of your guides, camp crew and support staff made this trip one that will be never be forgotten. 

Today’s Soldiers have deployed many times into harm’s way and have fought the good fight.  This generation of Warriors has asked for very little in return but many have paid the ultimate price for peace.  Some have lost limbs, sight, post traumatic stress disorder and their youth, but still drive on with their future and still ask for nothing in return.  Your staff has given us a chance to do the things that we did prior to our time in combat. The time on the river gave us peace and time for our souls to heal.  Me gusto mucho! God’s Speed!
P. Valdez, Command Sergeant Major, US Army,   2010

To all,
Just wanted to express the gratitude and humbleness that is in my heart for this amazing experience we had on our last trip.  I would never have thought that travels that caused many of our injuries would have resulted in travel to some of life changing and amazing places that help us heal from our injuries.  The kindhearted people that fall under the umbrella of PHWFF have not only provided new endeavors that will be ingrained in our minds and hearts forever, but have also provided amazing mentors and great friends that will last a lifetime.

V/R  SFC B. Manicni, 2010

Thanks to all of you at PHWFF, Coordinators, Financial backers and to the Crew in Argentina for making this an experience of a lifetime. 

Thanks for helping to dull the knives that continually penetrate our hearts, mind and our souls.  The great memories we are being exposed to on these outings allow for the sharpness of these mental and physical daggers to lose their piercing ability.  With the hope that the mental, physical and spiritual dagger will soon  not be as piercing as we replace the horrendous with hope.
D. Dear, 2010

Justi and Oscar,
I want to thank you for the amazing time in Argentina. It was more than anything I could have imagined and is an experience i will never forget. Thank you for the generous gift you gave us, without the two for one deal I don’t know if anything would have happened. You did an amazing job planning and executing everything. The guides were the best. They knew exactly were to go and were both very fun and knowledgeable. Everything about the trip was top notch and you have my extreme satisfaction. It means a lot to have your support in helping wounded soldiers recover from their injuries. Once again thank you for everything.
Thanks for everything,

J. Cadenbach, 10

Happy New Year! I just wanted to give you some feedback on our recent fly fishing experience in Patagonia. We had such a fantastic time… Julian was an excellent guide; he was personable, attentive, knowledgeable, and a patient teacher. I also thought the lunches were delicious!  Paul has been on many guided fly fishing trips, and he said this one was by far the best. We both hope to come back some day and will definitely be recommending your company to others.
Thanks again for everything! 
K. Cohban,  10

I just wanted to thank you for a few great days of fishing.  My wife and I enjoyed the entire experience. Julian was great, very professional and experienced with the rivers and area.   I definitely want to come back for an expedition with a few friends, hopefully very soon. A. Kazior, 09

The trip was simply superb and we all enjoyed it to the full. It was extremely well organized and professionally run and we were very well looked after the whole time. In particular, we were very impressed with Julian and Niko who did a superb job at looking after us and nothing was a problem for them. They are two very nice professional young individuals and made the first half of the trip in Patagonia a wonderful experience for us. With not brilliant conditions on the Colon, they put us onto good fish and the camping was great fun.  Adrian and Pancho did such a good job in camp, they worked hard and always with a smile their faces!
P. Davies, 09

In a word, “Perfecto”.  We had a great trip.  The fishing was excellent; both quantity and quality. These fish fight like tigers, it’s like a whole different species.   The scenery was spectacular + varied.  The food was very good.  The operation was efficient and organized. The people (Alex, Poncho and Adrian + bus driver) were friendly, helpful, patient and courteous. Special kudos for Alex.  He is the triple threat of guiding – great raft/boat operator, very knowledgeable and experienced conservation minded fisherman and pleasant affable, unhurried person.  I trust he is well compensated.
Two other “events” that I think illustrated that your group has the right approach.  1st. It was misting during the second half of the bus ride to the put in point.  The driver took his time, drove safely etc.  Secondly,  the 3rd night camp site has a very active bee hive in the base of an old willow tree.  I was alerted to this fact by Poncho (who we liked a lot) and asked to avoid the area.  I asked how long it had been there and was told 5 yrs.  That’s wonderful.  P. White, 08

I am still here in TDF now. Awesome place…everything about it is first class. The food is gourmet and incredible and the staff and guides are awesome and I’ve definitely made some friends here. So I’m enjoying it immensely. Fishing’s good but catching that illusive 14 Kilo trout is proving difficult as always with big trout. It’s hard, cold fishing however and I’m not used to that, so I’m kind of freezing my ass off as well and too I am not the most experienced fly fisherman in the world to say the least and this Tierra Del Fuego wind is tough to deal with. But what a great experience to come here. So thanks! In Corrientes up north it was great fishing…I loved the Dorado strikes and fights. They have to be the hardest fighting fish in fresh water pound for pound and I am so glad I went and experienced it. The guides and everyone there was great so thanks for that as well.  Back in touch in a week!  B. Tuttle, 07

The guys at Fly Fishing Patagonia did an amazing job…The fishing was incredible!…We took 20 to 30 fish a day averaging around 17 inches, with several over 20 inches [on the Caleufu River].  The big boy of the trip was an eight-pound, 26- inch brown. ….it was exciting watching hungry fish hit those big dries. The average rainbow was probably 22 inches [on Hess Lake].  The average rainbow was probably 22 inches. The last day we floated the Manso River. The fishing here picked up a bit and we caught some really nice rainbows. We floated through rain forest that was straight out of the movie, Gorillas in the Mist… Among the highlights of the trip, getting completely spooled by a big brown twice before finally losing him only a few feet from the net. That was still one of the more memorable fights of my life!
B. Neff 10

Justi: Thank you again for all you have done. The four wounded warriors had the time of their life, as we all did. I have been on a good number of sporting adventures (mostly with Ed!) and this one was definitely the best. Oscar and the staff did one heck of a job and made it look easy.  C. Vahaasteren, 10

Just a few words to thank you for the kind attention we received at Estancia La Pelada. Our group had a wonderful time there and thoroughly enjoyed our great fishing for Dorado, Palometas and Surubi.  Oscar was a great host and we had a super time with him. Please pass on our warm greetings and affections to Augusto, Maria Jose, Marcelo and all the staff at La Pelada who made us feel equal or better than at home. A hug to all and many thanks.  C. Barrantes, 09

I have traveled with (FFP) previously and their strengths include: the most competent and dedicated guides in the region, customer service on the trip, and they treat you like a king in terms of comforts like food, wine, accommodations etc. and most importantly very good quality NRS cata-rafts which other outfitters did not have.  Tthis makes fishing extremely comfortable and you are not tucked down inside a cheap quality raft – you have a casting platform and great comfort and range from the bow or stern of the boat.
The big attractions for me was the float trip.  Not many other outfitters do real multi-day floats and it’s a specialty of the top Guide Oscar Dono. I really enjoyed being out on the land and being able to fish my brains out early, all day and as late as I wanted. It was very comfortable and the food was amazing.  The Caleufu is a great river, fairly wide ( like the Petite approximately and with a great deal of variety in scenery. ) The other rivers are all fantastic and there are a couple new rivers I have not fished.  R. Dorcus, 09

I just wanted to thank you for two great days of fishing (Nov 9th and 10th).  My wife and I enjoyed the entire experience; I even went back for a second day.  Julian was great, very professional and experienced with the rivers and the area.  I definitely want to come back for an expedition with a few friends, hopefully very soon.  A. Kazior, 09

I can not say enough good things about nico and how accommodating and friendly they were. Nico worked so hard to find fish and put us in the right place.  I will definitely be in touch with you in the future.  Would still love to go after dorado.  I also appreciate that you delivered what you promised and that there were no hitches or unpleasant surprises.  R. Warren 08

Now that we’ve done the trip, it’s amazing what we got for the money. It was really a huge bargain.
M. Newman, 08

Peuma Hue is a fabulous and beautiful estancia and the people who own and run it our very friendly. I wouldn’t miss staying there for anything and the fishing in the area offers everything an experienced angler would want – maybe more!  B. Johnson, 06

We just arrived back home yesterday, and I wanted to thank you for arranging to have Oscar be my guide on the 24th – the experience was incredible, and definitely has me excited for my trip to Alaska next summer (as well as trying out all the lakes and rivers here in the Orlando area).    Oscar was incredible, very patient (I only hooked him once), and I really appreciated his knowledge and enthusiasm for this sport.  I couldn’t have asked for any better a day.  B. Staffeld, 07

What an incredible experience you and Marcelo and all of your staff have made for Elly and me at Peuma Hue. This is a very special place in Argentina and all of the World. Each day was an amazing adventure – hiking, riding, rafting, condor watching and your hospitality is not surpassed anywhere in the World.I hope to bring the rest of my family here someday. The very best to you and everyone at Peuma Hue.  G. Palmer, 06

Thank you for sharing this blessed place with us! Dad and I have had an experience that we will never forget. From the majestic mountains, to the strong horses, the extraordinary private concert in the chapel, to each delicious meal – I have been challenged and nurtured in this wonderful place! Hasta pronto!  E. Palmer, 06

I hope you enjoy the pictures, because I know I sure enjoyed my trip to Argentina and my duck hunting experience there.  I really am appreciative of the opportunity that you gave me and I will recommend Fly Fishing Patagonia to anyone who plans on making a trip down south.  N. Huffeldt, 06

That was the best fly fishing trip I have ever taken mainly because Oscar was the most hospitable, friendly, and knowledgeable guide I have EVER had.  We all had an unbelievable time.  M. Doswell, 05

Our trip with you was fantastic! We did a multiday float in Kamchatka and the service and food you provided on your expedition was much better. And the trout fishing was incredible! We loved seeing all the different environments and fishing the different waters.  It was perfect and we’ll return!  L. Sinchetti, 08

I just want to say thanks for everything!  The trip truly was the trip of a lifetime.  Oscar would always say he has good news and he has bad news, well I’ve got good new and bad news.  The good news is the trip exceeded our expectations; the bad news is it was so good it would be impossible to ever repeat. Got our trip DVD last week.  Thanks a lot!  It was a great trip and it’s nice to have the DVD as a memory.  The trip was a real eye opening experience for my son, so much so that he changed his college major to Spanish and International Business.  He’s already planning on a semester abroad in Argentina!  G. Johnson,  06

I just wanted to thank you once again for being such a fun “camp director”! I know that isn’t your title but when we left for home, it was like leaving camp and all the friends you made. You did a fantastic job of pleasing everyone and I just wanted to reiterate my pleasure. If you are ever in California or Montana, please give us a call and we would love to host you.
p.s. Tell Okie “howdy” for me too! He’s a great guy and a lot of fun!  D. Travis, 07

Just a note to thank you most sincerely for a wonderful trip. It will be a highlight of our lives. It was just magic to have everything done for us. The accommodation, the entertainment etc.etc. Don has sent his picture to half of N. Zealand. Went to the physio this morning and he has done his shoulder in and no more fishing till it settles. He is still making excuses and singing like the inevitable Jack in the Box.
Hope your next trip is going well. Take care. We will always have fond memories. The invitation to visit us is sincere. Kind regards and many thanks for your wonderful organization.  H and D Wallace, 07

I’d have to say that this was one of the best value trips ever.  I hope it can stay like this but I fear currencies will come and go.  Also, logistically, it went ultra smooth and we just had a great time.  I also appreciate not being nickel-and-dimed during the trip.  I was stunned not to get a bar tab or fly tab or whatever.  Wow.  What a deal!
E. Schmidt, 07

Your web page came up fairly high on a search and it was nice to be able to talk by phone.  A personal contact is always more effective that just an email exchange. Justi was knowledgeable and focused on what was important to me.  Very responsive.
The guides were excellent and just what we needed.  Julián was great for both of us and helped my wife catch her first fish on a fly.  He was a good match for having both of us on the boat.  Oscar also was so good.  He is very talented, knowledgeable and passionate about fishing.  He was a good teacher, though I was not a great student.  I learned a lot from Oscar in just one day that gave me much more confidence on larger waters.
Here is an example of how Oscar approaches his work.  On our last day when he was to take us to the airport he was about 10 minutes late. Of course in my mind I was wondering what was going on, had he forgotten, etc.  Turns out his car had broken down and he had to arrange a new vehicle on the spot.  He did it and managed to get us to the airport on time.  Aerolíneas Argentina was delayed (surprise) and Oscar went in with us to make sure we were all set.
That seems to be reflective of the commitment to service that both Justi and Oscar have.  Keep it up, it is great.
G. Swaffar, 07

I couldn’t have enjoyed Oscar or Alex more.  They were enjoyable to be around and extremely helpful. –  The Caleufu Wilderness portion was fantastic!  The fishing was some of the best that I’ve ever had. –  I couldn’t have had more fun.  Thanks to you all.  M. Megown, 07

Thank you for putting together such an unforgettable trip for us. We loved every part of it and grew so much.  You answered all our questions so many times and it all went so smoothly. Oscar was amazing. We all loved him. What a great guide. All three lodges were incredible. We could not have had better food or service. Argentina is a very special place and I am glad to have had the chance to visit. Please come visit us in Oregon if you get the chance.  You did so many great things for us. We all wish we would have stayed a little longer in Bariloche. It’s such a beautiful at Peuma Hue Lodge. Kau Tapen in Tierra de Fuego was also wonderful. The staff and food excellent. Misty and David and I went to Ushuaia –which was very beautiful. I loved driving thought he Andes. You are blessed to live in such a beautiful country. Please come visit us in Oregon. Thank you so much!  E.  Michell, 05

How are you? We want to thank you so much for putting together a wonderful trip. Fish were caught and a great time was had by all. It was hard to come back to Oregon after being in a sunny, beutiful place. Justin and I both would like to go back and explore the northern half. Go to Corrientes and fish for the Golden Dorado and see the Iguazu Falls. Justin would liked to have spent more time with Oscar. Justin hopes that you and Oscar will come to Oregon sometime and fish with him. Everyone treated us like friends and family and made us feel welcome. Thank you again for making this a great adventure.  M. Mitchell, 05

Just a note to thank you for my memorable trip to Argentina. I especially appreciated all the little extras you provided…..like the clothing buying excursion!!:)))….. to make our experience so great!!  Hope to see you again.  H. Carmichael, 07

Jill and I showed our pics to some friends (one who has picked up fly fishing in the last year) and are starting to talk about another trip where we can make it to the Patagonia part we missed.  Jill and I were depressed that we missed the second half,  We had a great time with great friends.  Jill said it was the best trip she ever had!  Looking forward to the next one.  My favorite aspect of the Argentina experience was the people.  Including Justi and Oscar. By far they provided our group with the most personalized travel experience we have ever had.  Thanks for all the attention to detail!
You and Oscar do a first rate job and we won’t make a trip back without talking to you. Thanks all for the great time!  R. Wentworth, 07

We could not have enjoyed it more!  The fishing was probably the best we’ve have ever experienced.  I cannot give too much praise to the staff.  The guide, Alejandro, was first-rate.  The camp-builder and cook, Fernando and Juan, were true professionals.  We felt almost pampered.  You are providing a top-drawer product.  Congratulations.  It was a truly memorable experience.  G. Sandison, 07

Diane and I have decided this trip was the most organized program we have been involved with, and with three weeks to fill, that was a tall order.  We have to commend our fearless leader, Ernesto, who found maybe the best outfitters, Flyfishing Patagonia, in Justi and Oscar (Okie).  These two guys love their craft and have fun doing it.  That made us very much at home with them and the people we met, in Argentina.  We felt we sampled much of Argentina in the three weeks traveling from one great adventure to another.  How unique. In between, we toured the great city of Buenos Aires and sampled her great culinary establishments and tango shows.
C and D Travis, 07

The best two weeks of my life!  Many thanks for having such a great team of guys and having such an efficient set up. I couldn’t have imagined everything being so efficient and well organized. Get your laughing gear round these cheekies pulled out of the Limay. First one is the 3kilo the second is 4 kilo. I have just done the conversion rate and that makes them 7lb and 9.3lb respectively. The two largest trouts that i have ever caught.  Many, many thanks.  W. Boscawen, 06

What a fantastic trip!!!  I am ready to go back tomorrow but would prefer supersonic direct travel between Orlando and Bariloche.  Oscar, thank you so much for everything.  If you want any other pictures I have tons but am just sending these 4 now.  Justi, I can send you a cd of them all if you want.  Best Regards,  T and M Bettis, 06

Thanks for checking in on us. Having a GREAT  time. Great day on the Manso River  yesterday, about 30 each. Big fish on the Limay today….having a great time. I think I´m staying here….Call you when we’re done……red meat ………Rob Dorcas, 05

It really was a fantastic trip. I have guided canoe, kayak and hiking trips for an adventure travel company for 20 years and so was quite interested to see the level of service you offer. It was excellent. I really would give you some suggestions if there was anything that I could think of but it was all outstanding. I really enjoyed the guides, Oscar really inspired me with the improvement in my fishing from his coaching.  M. Scriver, 05

Many thanks for a wonderful experience.  You guys rock!!  R. Rotter, 07

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